Future Directions …

So my aim for this company is not just to tutor students face to face, nor to end up just selling various resources.

My aim is to teach students in different ways to what they are taught at school, ways that align with the individual student where they are at – not just the class or the same way it has been done in schools for years. I want to be able to add to what they have been taught, by showing how those teachings make sense and where they fit in the broader context of the world, not just the classroom.

Ultimately I want to normalise Maths. Let kids be excited for maths, but even if not excited, appreciate mathematics and where it fits in the world (i.e. everywhere).

Currently, I see that as creating interactive textbooks, accessible online using various craft and other creative techniques to teach maths in other ways. As well as videos and posts that show real world maths in the marketplace and in various future careers (not just engineering or accounting).

To me, mathematics is a very colourful, very valuable, and even fun aspect of life. I want to be able to show that to others, and help them see mathematics outside the classroom in a way that makes sense to them.

This won’t just stop with one or resources. I want to continue to give students helpful content – there is so much that can be done! I will keep this page updated with progress and various bits of fun things as they come out.

The first few things I’m presenting are colouring-in related.